Over the past year NZCCSS has been overhauling and refreshing our membership database to help us better understand the range and scope of the services provided by the six church social services networks that are the NZCCSS members. The criteria for inclusion in our database is that the organisations are registered charities or part of the larger charitable structures of our member networks and that they carried out structured social work in the areas of children and families, support for older people, or working the with impacts of poverty and inequality.

programme-deliveryThere are 213 separate providers delivering 37 general types of serivces via 1,024 programmes located in 55 town and cities throughout the country. Our services employ some 11,600 people either full-time or part-time as well as working with almost 16,000 volunteers. This does not include the huge contribution that church congregations make in their communities in addition to the work of the social service agencies.




Collectively these member organisations generate $671 million in income, around two-thirds of which is from government sources via fees for service or operational grants. Another $228 million comes from members’ own resources and trading activities, with some $16 million from philanthropic sources.

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