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We represent six church networks: the Anglican Care Network, the Baptist, Catholic and Presbyterian social services agencies, as well as the Methodist and the Salvation Army churches. Collectively, these six members include 213 separate provider agencies located in 55 towns and cities throughout New Zealand.

Our members deliver a wide range of services that cover such areas as child and family services, services for older people, food bank and emergency services, housing, budgeting, disability, addictions, community development and employment services.

This size and diversity in services are among the many reasons for NZCCSS to celebrate our membership and the work that they do to meet people’s needs throughout New Zealand.

Our mission

NZCCSS works for a just and compassionate society in Aotearoa New Zealand. We see this as a continuation of the mission of Jesus Christ. In seeking to fulfil this mission, we are committed to giving priority to the poor and vulnerable members of our society and to Te Tiriti O Waitangi.

Our key roles are

  • to represent the common interests and vision of our members at the national level
  • to supply information and networking opportunities
  • to support members providing quality services
  • to develop, critique and advocate for policies that will assist poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society.


NZCCSS is governed by a national council, made up of two representatives from each denomination.

A small secretariat carries out the day-to-day work of the council. This includes gathering and distributing information, research on social policy issues, and building relationships with government officials and others working in the community sector.

Three policy groups oversee the policy and research work that NZCCSS does in our three key areas: children and families, impacts of poverty & exclusion, and older people. Each policy group is made up of at least two council representatives plus social services managers, academics or others with particular expertise in that area. This means that the work that NZCCSS does is well informed by what is happening throughout New Zealand. Read more about our work here.


We are grateful for grant funding from philanthropic organisations Combined Community Trusts and TG McCarthy Trust.