Margaret Martin
Margaret Martin(Catholic)
Ian Hutson
Ian Hutson(Salvation Army)
Tracey-Leigh Peters
Tracey-Leigh Peters(Baptist)
Bonnie Robinson
Bonnie Robinson President (Presbyterian)
Carol Barron
Carol Barron (Methodist)
Mira Elmsly
Mira Elmsly (Anglican)
Jono Bell
Jono Bell(Salvation Army)
Renee Rewi
Renee RewiVice President (Catholic)
David Hanna
David Hanna(Methodist)
Murray Penman
Murray Penman(Baptist)
Graeme Munford
Graeme Munford(Anglican)

Policy Group Conveners

Three policy groups oversee our policy and research work:

Sister Margaret Martin
Sister Margaret MartinImpacts of Poverty & Exclusion
Tracey-Leigh Peters
Tracey-Leigh PetersChildren & Families
Hilda Johnson-Bogaerts
Hilda Johnson-BogaertsServices for Older People