Residential Tenancies Amendment  Bill (Nr 2) NZCCSS Submission

The proposed changes to rental laws are not sufficient and another example of a piecemeal approach to rental law in this country. This is the key message of the NZCCSS submission to Parliament in August.

Rental law changes are on the table in Parliament and even though MPs are now away on the election campaign trail, submissions on the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill (No 2) closed on 22nd August. What happens to this Bill depends very much on the outcome of the 23rd September election. The issues the Bill is grappling with are central to the housing debate in the general election.

Child Impact Assessment Needed

Main concerns raised in our submission are that the standards being set for methamphetamine (P) contamination are too low and risk creating further evictions and costs for tenants and landlords where the health risks are very low. There will need to be much wider and effective consultation with affected communities before finalising any formal rules around this.

More and better consultation around the issue of tenant liability for careless damage is also needed before any law changes, as the changes appear to disadvantage tenants.

In addition, a formal Children’s Impact Assessment is needed to better understand how this Bill may impact on children and then consider the best balance between the rights of the landlord and the tenants and their potentially vulnerable children.

Read the full NZCCSS submission under Submissions on our website.