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Grab a copy of the NZCCSS 2014/2015 Annual Report for your Christmas read at the beach!

The report is packed full of information about what’s been happening over the year.

Read President Lisa Woolley’s hope-filled message, and

Chief Executive, Trevor McGlinchey’s overview of Council business.

Find out more about our new strategic imperatives that will guide our work through 2015/2016.

  • Hope – NZCCSS carries a message of hope
  • Positive Change – NZCCSS works together with others for positive change
  • Lived Experience – NZCCSS articulates the lived experience of poor and vulnerable people
  • Voice – NZCCSS is a strong and respected voice for member Christian social services
  • Resilient – NZCCSS is a resilient organisation with a long-term focus on social justice