New Zealand has celebrated Maori language week and te reo Maori as the official language of New Zealand since 1979. Nikki Phillips, Maori Advisor for the Archdiocese of Wellington, has listed a range of Te Reo Māori language resources to suit everyone, including a reference to He Kupu o te ā, a word a day in te reo Māori. No excuse now!

Ko te reo te taikura o te whakaao marama.

Language is the key to understanding

Language is at the heart of understanding cultural worldviews; it is also at the heart of effective policy-making and implementation. The health and well-being of Tangata Whenua has historically lagged behind that of Europeans. This is not accidental and suggests decision-makers still have some way to go in their journey to understand the cultural perspectives of Tangata Whenua. Sign up for a Te reo course today, start your cultural journey, and let’s see how this translates into better lives for our first people of the land.