St barnabus

Local Dunedin provider of fresh and frozen meals, The Home of St Barnabas Trust has been busy of late supplying many of Dunedin’s older folk with tasty and nutritious meals.

A lot has been happening in the meals on wheels and hospital food space down in Dunedin, since catering company Compass Group began trucking down meals from Auckland and Hamilton to be reheated to Meals on Wheels clients and Southland Hospital patients.

The Home of St Barnabas Trust has risen above all the recent hullabaloo and simply got on with what they do best: providing tasty and nutritious food to older people in their community who are reliant on others to cook for them.

Meanwhile, the Compass Group, are currently busy reviewing menus for taste and nutrition, and speaking with recipients who have shared feedback.

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Photos: The Home of St Barnabas Trust