Future Wellbeing Conference and Auckland Futures Conference

In April 2012 NZCCSS hosted two conferences in the course of a week, beginning with the Future Wellbeing on 18-19 April and the Auckland Futures Conference on 20th April. Both events were aimed at the social services working with the most vulnerable children and families, as the sector faces huge challenges and changes.

Learn more about the conferences on our conference pages here.

Manaaki Hapori: Enhancing Communities 2009/2010

This project focused on the creative ways of parishes to counter the impacts of the recession. A range of community projects were visited. The project goal was to create written resources for other communities. Read more about the success stories and resources of the Manaaki Hapori project here or follow the project on Facebook.

Working Together We Can Respond to Dementia 2009

Just and compassionate responses to the increasing number of people living with dementia will require changes to existing structures and services to recognise their particular needs. The project involved interviews with a range of service provider organisations, an overview of key literature and visits to social service programmes. We spoke with people with dementia, their families and whānau as well as those providing care and support through day programmes, home support and residential care. Read the full report here

Grassroots Voices 2008/2009

More than 240 family and whanau members were interviewed about their experiences of receiving support services from Christian social services and government agencies. The report highlights the success stories of current support structures, but also identifies areas for necessary improvement and change.

Download the Executive Summary here.

Download the full report here.

Poverty Indicator Project…

NZCCSS has released its report on foodbank use – “A Snapshot Comparative Analysis of Foodbank Use“. Given the increases in food prices that have struck since the data for this report was gathered, NZCCSS sees this “snapshot” as providing a baseline for tracking the effects of those increases.

Download the report as PDF here.

Aroha Tetahi Ki Tetahi – Let Us Look After Each Other 2008

A year-long programme of social justice information and advocacy. Below are the written resources produced during the programme: