Is Aged Care Getting Better?

In 2002 the Ministry of Health introduced an external certification and audit process for aged residential care (rest home) facilities. The aim of certification and audit is to ensure that all older people receive acceptable aged residential care that meets quality and safety standards set under the relevant health laws and regulations. The results from…

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Social Workers Registration – Update

The Social Service Committee has heard submissions on the government inquiry on whether registration of social workers should be mandatory. The inquiry is part of a wider review of the current operation of the legislation. NZCCSS consulted with member agencies on its submission.  The registration of social workers (under the Social Workers Registration Act 2004) was…

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Gerontology, Ageing & Spirituality Conference

Selwyn Institute’s 2016 conference 7 December 2016 Auckland Internationally acclaimed US professor and nurse theorist, Dr Jean Watson, will be keynote speaker at this year’s Gerontology Nursing Conference on 7 December 2016, hosted by The Selwyn Foundation’s Institute for Ageing and Spirituality. Holder of the American Academy of Nursing’s highest honour, the ‘Living Legend’ award,…

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Community groups to be Defacto Arms of Government?

There has been a quiet revolution occurring which will have profound impacts on community-based social services organisations.  This revolution was brought to my attention recently when the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the new style budgeting programme, Building Financial Capability, was released.  Buried in the RFP supplementary information is the requirement to provide Individual Client…

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Family Violence: Safer Sooner

The case for action is clear and the political will is there Family violence and sexual violence is a complex, multi-faceted, often inter-generational problem not unlike child poverty, but for this wicked societal problem there is political will to tackle the complexity head on. In 2015 police responded to over 110,000 family violence incidents. This…

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Community Research update

Introduction to RBA™  – Make a measurable difference A free webinar Wednesday, 19 October 11:00 am – Book here. Learn about Results Based Accountably™ (RBA™) from one of New Zealand’s experts. In this 60-minute webinar Sharon Shea will introduce the RBA methodology and explain how you can use it to better show the impact of your work. Learning…

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