Housing NZ Transfers – Feedback due 3rd July

Treasury continues to feel its way into the unexplored territory of selling off Housing NZ houses in Invercargill and Tauranga to non-government buyers. In series of Market Information and Feedback sessions being held around the country, Treasury and Ministry of Social Development have been sketching the outlines of the tortuous path the government has chosen…

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Post Budget Briefing in Auckland

NZCCSS is hosting Post-Budget (2015) Briefing in Auckland with Hon Bill English at 2.30pm to 4pm, Wednesday 27 May 2015. The programme also introduces a briefing Outcomes Plus: The added value provided by community social services produced by NZCCSS. Venue: Salvation Army’s Auckland City Corps, 18 Allright Place, Mount Victoria, Auckland. Note: at 2pm tea and coffee will be served on arrival and the programme…

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NZCCSS Budget Breakfast in Wellington

NZCCSS is hosting a budget breakfast in Wellington with Ministers Hon Bill English and Hon Anne Tolley on Thursday 28 May 2015 (7.15 am) The programme also introduces a briefing Outcomes Plus: The added value provided by community social services produced by NZCCSS (9am). Venue: Connolly Hall, Guildford Terrace, Thorndon, Wellington. A “Breakfast in Schools’ style breakfast will be served….

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Budget 2015 : A slither of hope?

Some active listening to constituents, advocacy groups and the general public was evident in Budget 2015. This, despite earlier statements not to expect much relief for children in hardship that one can only assume was playing for full effect on the stage that is Parliament. Children living in material hardship is however not political sport; it damages children’s…

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Disability and Poverty

Are attitudes to people with disabilities a barrier to them fully participating in society and feeling accepted? A resounding ‘yes’ according to two separate studies by the New Zealand Convention Coalition Monitoring Group.  This group of disabled persons organisations, known as the Convention Coalition, commissioned a systemic monitoring report on the rights of disabled people in New Zealand. Two reports have…

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I Too Am Auckland

Hats off to Wallace Chapman, Radio New Zealand, for his piece on everyday racism experienced at Auckland University. “I Too am Auckland” absolutely catches your breath on the normality of the subtle, and often unquestioned, racist comments endured by the students interviewed. The elephant in the room that is the quiet and insidious nature of ethnocentricity must be addressed if we truly want  New…

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Mixed Fortunes for the Regions

A new report from the Salvation Army’s Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit  Mixed Fortunes: A Geography of Advantages and Disadvantages in New Zealand has caused quite a stir this week. The premise of the report is that where you live matters and if you live in certain regions expect mixed fortunes.  As always this SPPU report is well researched and clearly…

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Journeying to social justice

Our journey to social justice starts from many routes. For Murray Riches, he was so affected by the imprisonment of his 10 year old foster brother that he has dedicated his life to understanding ‘why’ it happened.As Murray puts it “I have clear memories of how my foster-brother’s self was diminished by this, and our family became voiceless…

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