Supporting Children in Hardship Bill

Social Justice Mid-Term Report : Shows Some Potential but Needs to Try Harder! There are enough public resources within our country to ensure living standards are at a level that supports every New Zealand child and family/whanau to access basic necessities. This is the uncompromising position taken in NZCCSS’ submission on “Supporting Children in Hardship Bill“, which supports some of the…

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The impact of sanctions on Children

Lisa Woolley, President of NZCCSS, was recently interviewed by Paloma Migone, on the impact of sanctions on children. recently released financial sanctions data shows 43,000 sanctions have been issued to households with dependent children.  “The numbers are shocking. The first thing to go when budgets were cut was food, but some may also be struggling with rent, which could lead…

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#In The Gap – Child Poverty Forum

What does a Christian response to child poverty in New Zealand look like? This is the question explored in the upcoming Child Poverty Forum 2015 When: Saturday 19th September 2015 – 9.30am-3.00pm Venue: Mercury Theatre, 9 Mercury Land, Auckland Keynote Speakers: Professor Jonathan Boston Pastor Steven Graham Tickets available via      

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Social Bonds Meets Outcomes Plus

There is movement on the Social Bonds front. The Ministry of Health website advises the Wise Group, NGO provider, ANZ Bank of New Zealand (financial linker to sources of funding), are in negotiations. Discussions are subject to confidentiality at this stage, and Cabinet is yet to agree on the detail on how Bonds will be rolled out. Meanwhile,…

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Growing Up in New Zealand : Vulnerability Report 2

Auckland University’s Longitudinal Research Growing Up in New Zealand has just released Report 2 of the Vulnerability Report Series: Transitions in Exposure to Vulnerability in the First 1000 Days of Life. The report explores what family and environmental characteristics are associated with transitions in exposure to vulnerability over time. It considers ‘sets of risk factors’ or ‘clusters’, and the way…

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Housing Need in NZ

Pitifully small response to large & urgent need The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) has announced social housing purchasing intentions for the next two – three years. The intention is to purchase around 2,850 extra places. This compares with total known need at 31 March 2015 of 4,808 (social housing register) and total severe housing…

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Sanctions undermine social investment

Financial Sanctions Undermine Social Investment For Better Outcomes For Vulnerable New Zealanders The New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services (NZCCSS) has released the 21st edition of the Vulnerability Report and finds financial sanctions undermine the Government’s focus on better lives for vulnerable New Zealanders. The data received from the Ministry of Social Development indicate…

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Survey on Welfare and Benefits

Survey on Welfare and Benefits Alicia Sudden, a Victoria University masters student, is looking for research participants for a survey, who have been on a social welfare benefit and come off this benefit either temporarily or permanently since July 2013. The aim of the research is to capture the voices of as many people as possible who have…

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