Restoring faith in humanity : Patricia’s story

The Wellington Homeless Women’s Trust is restoring our faith in humanity around Wellington. Established in 2013 in response to a dearth of housing for homeless women needing medium-term, transitional housing as they turn their lives around. The trust provides both safe and secure accommodation and wrap-around services which include support plans and ensuring benefit entitlements….

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Outcomes Plus – the added value from community social services

Trevor McGlinchey, Executive Officer, New Zealand Council of Christian Social Services More social services are being delivered by for-profit, commercially driven organisations. Over past years this has been most apparent in the provision of services for older people such as community based in-home care or residential based retirement homes.   More recently there have been increases in…

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Social Innovation & Social Justice Conference

3rd – 4th September 2015 University of Auckland Epsom Campus Leaders in their fields, our speakers will deliver topical and valuable presentations and skill-based workshops. Specifically they will discuss how social workers can use social innovation/social enterprise to create financially sustainable organisations that create change and the gutsy social work practice that advances social justice.   This…

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Emergency Housing Review

Funding for emergency housing is a piece-meal afterthought on the margins of a state and social housing sector that is under-resourced and is operating in an environment of a private rental market that is insufficiently regulated and insecure. It arises out of a charitable model of service provision and the initiative of local communities and…

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Outcomes Plus

New NZCCSS report Ehara tāku toa te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini Success is not achieved individually, but from the work of many people The report Outcomes Plus: the added value of community organisations released on 28th May arose out of the experience of the social services sector since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC)….

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Housing WoF will save lives

Emma-Lita Bourne is not the first victim of the poor quality of rental housing in this country. Housing researchers have been reporting the health impacts of poor housing for many years. Around 40,000 children end up in hospital each year as a result if poor quality housing.  An evaluation of the Warm Up New Zealand…

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More Effective Social Services

The Productivity Commission draft report “More effective social services” was published on 28th April 2015. The report contains 8 questions, 81 findings and 47 recommendations. Its findings on the current operating environment, including things like overly prescriptive contracts brought about by risk-adverse politicians and government department imposing high level of control on how funding should be…

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