Tric Malcolm

Don’t miss reading this thoughtful and compassionate article by the Reverend Tric Malcolm, Wellington City Missioner, and NZCCSS Council member on begging and homelessness in Wellington.

The article explores the inter-relationship between these two social ills and offers a list of five dos and don’ts for when you do encounter someone on the street. Well worth a read!

Rev Tric’s article is hard on the heels of an independent report by Wellington City Council which discussed a range of possible actions that might be taken to address the problem.

One action for consideration that caught the eye of media and others was the banning of begging and the giving of money to beggars.

However, a Wellington Council showed more compassion and didn’t vote for these measures but rather voted for a ‘street-management approach’ that involves council officers talking to beggars and refer them to social agencies.







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