noun_128705_ccTake action to support better quality rental housing by submitting on the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill. Comments are due by 23rd June.

The Bill looks to fill a gap in the new housing standards that does not address adequate heating and ventilation, something that NZCCSS and many others, including the Children’s Commissioner, called for when the Residential Tenancies Act was amended to include minimum insulation rules. Read the NZCCSS submission on the Residential Tenancies Act).

This Bill proposes minimum standards for heating and insulation for rental properties in New Zealand. The principle behind the Bill being that every child needs to grow up in a home that is warm, safe and dry. The Bill would require the Government to set standards about adequate heating, methods of insulation, adequate indoors temperatures, ventilation and draught-stopping.

A short submission in support of this Bill is an easy way to take action to help improve the standard of rental housing and help tens of thousands of children and their families living in poor quality rental housing. You can make a submission online on the Parliament website or post to: Committee Secretariat, Government Administration, Parliament Buildings, Wellington.