The Next Stretch Conference 2014


This conference took place in Dunedin 8–9th May 2014. Over 130 people took part including a wonderful group of keynote speakers and workshop presenters, sponsors and trade exhibitors.

A conference report featured in the July 2014 issue of Kete Kupu  and presentations, photos and links relating to the conference are below.

Thursday 8th May

Welcome Address
NZCCSS President Rod Watts, Conference opening address

SatyaBrinkDr Satya Brink, "Is New Zealand a good place to age?"

You can also read an interview with Dr Brink in the Otago Daily Times with Dr Brink

Keynote Responses

Two sector experts respond to Dr Brink’s address:

Chris Fleming (DHB Shared Services) Policy Preparedness for Population Aging,

Fiona Doolan-Noble (Otago University) Response to Dr Satya Brink



Dr Susan Koch The Biggest Challenges in Dementia Care

Special Guest Speakers

Special Guest Speakers: Older Persons’ Perspective : A panel of speakers offering the older person’s and client’s perspective

Politics of Aged care – 2014 Election Year: How should we be responding to the next stretch?

Dr Judy McGregor, Dr Ganesh Nana, Dr Bryce Edwards

1A) An opportunity to workshop with the national interRAI implementation team and learn from other providers’ experience”, Dr Brigette Meehan, Project Manager, interRAI (LTCF); 1B ) "Making residential care less institutional" Dr Chris Perkins with Maurice Burrowes
2A) “Utilisation of the Nurse Practitioner in Residential Care from a provider and practictioner perspective.Carla Arkless 2B)What are the key elements of effective client-focused Day Programmes?Dr Annie Weir, Impact Research
3A) “Principles of Design in Residential Care,”  Simon Woodall and Stuart Mackie from Chowhill Architects provide a useful toolkit to consider the bigger picture when embarking on residential care development 3B) “Rising Up from the Rubble in Christchurch” Stories of how community agencies have responded to the needs of the elderly in Christchurch. Alison Jephson and Rev. Anne Russell-Brighty from Anglican Diocese, Vicki Lucas (Presbyterian Support Upper South Island)
 4A) “Economic Sustainability in Aged Care,”.Dr Ganesh Nana, Chief Economist at BERL, explores the issues facing the sector over the coming years.  4B) “Utilising the interRAI in home based support - a few years” Andrea McLeod, Enliven General Manager, Presbyterian Support Northern

Friday 9th May



Inspiring Organisational Leadership, Sue Bidrose, CEO, Dunedin City Council


Geoff Pearman

The ageing workforce: an opportunity or a challenge,” Geoff Pearman, Partners in Change

5A) Spirituality in those with dementia,” Dr Chris Perkins provides feedback on her recent research and key factors to consider 5B)  Legal Issues that arise with People with Cognitive Impairment and how to deal with it.  Iris Reuvecamp, legal expert.
6A) Weaving Wellness (things that sustain us), stories of from our elders. Tracy Wright-Tawha, CEO of Nga Kete Matauranga Pounamu Charitable Trust. 6B) Peter and Me: a love story becomes a carer’s anguish. Dr Helene Ritchie gives a presentation and workshop based on her book, “The Personal, the Clinical, and the Political”, which focuses on delivering person-centred care.

Minister’s Address: Hon Jo Goodhew, MP Minister for the Community and Voluntary Sector ,Minister for Senior Citizens,Minister of Women’s Affairs

Careerforce Update

7A) Advance Care Planning for people with cognitive impairment" Dr Oleg Kiriaev, Geriatrician from Auckland DHB. 7B) The next stretch in environmental sustainability: The opportunities in aged care,” Dr Nicki Bould
8A) Culture of Care in Dementia Beth McDougall, BUPA 8B) Working with an ageing workforce. Geoff Pearman will workshop in more detail key things to consider with an ageing workforce Geoff Pearman, Partners in Change
Closing Address
Dr. Satya Brink

Conference papers