family violence submisisonThere has been a flurry of activity around the NGO sector in response to the Ministry of Justice’s review of family violence legislation. The consultation document “Strengthening New Zealand Legislative Response to Family Violence” represented a comprehensive and well researched document that captured clearly the complexity of different types of violence and safety issues. it also covered a range of mechanisms to improve the safety of victims and their children [new offences, additional pathways for help, improving access an effectiveness of protection orders].

NZCCSS’ submission drew on feedback from our member agencies and provided comment on the scope of the review along with specific comments on family violence legislation.

A key focus of the submission included the need for the review to:

  • consider structural influences that support the conditions for family violence (i.e poverty, overcrowding, substandard housing conditions, inadequate household income, historic colonisation), along with individual actions, and
  • recommended the increase of public funding on primary prevention strategies, and supported additional pathways for help, aimed at both victims and perpetrators of family violence.

Submissions are currently being analysed by officials, policy recommendations will be forwarded to the Minister of Justice, Amy Adams for consideration, and from here Cabinet approval will be sought, potentially followed by a select committee process and another round of public submissions.

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