NeighboursDay2015posterThis annual celebration of neighbourliness is on again this weekend. This is a fund and simple way to get to know people in your community. Join in one of the public events being organised this Neighbours Day weekend, 28-29 March 2015 or simply take the opportunity to invite people to get together in your neighbour. If you can’t do it this weekend, then use the idea another time soon…

There are lots of ideas and resources on the Neighbours Day website, thank to the lovely people at LifeWise and their supporters.

This is what one person said about her experience in taking the step to organise something in her street:

 The emotional and physical benefits to Neighbours Day are amazing!  I’ve had my lawns mowed, received lemons, been invited to a neighbourhood child’s birthday, and had neighbours wave out when I pass. I even got my last job because of one of the neighbours. When fixing my car it was neighbours who noticed and popped over to help.