Living Wage moves to $20.20

The Living Wage rate for 2017 was announced on 21st February and comes into effect on 1st July 2017. At $20.20 it has increased by 40 cents an hour, in line with the movement in general wages.

NZCCSS is one of 64 accredited Living Wage employers around New Zealand and is committed to supporting the Living Wage movement. It is a real and practical step that government, local government, privately- owned businesses and other organisations can take at any time to help reduce inequality and poverty.

Fuifui Anae, a parking officer for the Wellington City Council, told NewsTalkZB that the upping the wage will benefit families. He has three children and said receiving the living wage has made his family’s dreams a reality.

“It made goals more realistic rather than a dream. We bought our first home last year in June because of the living wage. We could set realistic goals.”

The Family Centre Social Policy Research team is responsible for calculating the Living Wage and their media release explains how this year’s figure was calculated.