LogoThe Community Investment Strategy signals a sea change to how and what community-based social services are funded by MSD.

A more tightly focused set of funding priorities and the requirement to ‘demonstrate’ the effectiveness of MSD contracted social services are the key changes here.

New tools are needed to navigate these waters, particularly around the collation of data, information and narrative to provide the evidence to ‘demonstrate’ funded outcomes have been achieved.

Tangata Whenua Community and Voluntary Sector Research Centre has stepped into the breach with the development of the What Works Website,

The website is intended as a resource to the community sector to support the gathering of robust data and information that can tell a real story about the difference they make.

Time-to-EvaluateThe What Works website will be launched at the 2015 AGM.

Āhea/When: 19th November 4pm – 5.15pm

Kī hea/Where: Community Hub, Level 4, 120 Featherston St

Please register by the 12th of November here.