The Government Budget on 26th May could be a time when more is done to help the 148,000 children and their families living in hardship. Last year thanks to much pressure from around the country, the Government responded by giving a small increase in benefits to some struggling families.

There is a lot more that needs to be done and Finance Minister Bill English has already said that the Government plans to use spending that was actually planned for next year to reduce government debt. That money could also be used to investment in our communities and reduce child poverty.

Join the call for this spending to be a real investment in the wellbeing of all New Zealand’s children, with a special focus on those living in hardship.

Action Station are working with UNICEF, Tick4Kids, Every Child Counts, Child Poverty Action and NZCCSS to ask people to sign an online petition calling for more action.

Join the call and make a statement that will be heard loud and clear in the corridors of Parliament.