NZCCSS social services continue to lead innovation in aged care

The Selwyn Foundation has three new developments under way in Auckland and Cambridge that focus on a model of living for older people needing rest home care that seeks to create small households within larger aged care complex.

Selwyn Foundation CEO Garry Smith explains that the aim is for households of 12 people within the larger community of the care home that will help those living there to have a real sense of belonging and be truly at home.

The building design combines with an approach to care planning that Selwyn calls a “care partnership” focussed on all aspects of a person’s wellbeing. Developed by the Foundation’s Institute for Ageing and Spirituality the care partnership has residents direct the care team on what is important to them, identify their unique needs and what they want out of life. The care team supports and guides them in this.

The Eden Alternative Makes a Difference

NZCCSS aged care services are among the leaders in developing the models of care built around the principles of the Eden Alternative. Presbyterian Support Central has aged residential care homes that are throughout the lower North Island using the Eden Alternative. In the South Island, Presbyterian Support South Canterbury and Archer Care in Christchurch are also Eden accredited.

Research just released helps confirm the positive impact that the Eden Alternative has on the lives of people living in residential aged care. The research by Massey University compared outcomes for people living in two locations run by private sector aged care provider MetlifeCare, one of which has implemented the Eden Alternative and another that has not yet done so. The results showed large differences in older people’s satisfaction on being treated with respect as well as much higher satisfaction with quality of life between the Eden alternative and standard care home.