Together We Can…

  • Work together as community, government and church organisations to provide support for those New Zealanders most affected by the global economic crisis
  • Grow a stronger community more able to look after one another – aroha tetahi ki tetahi.

This conference theme “Together We Can…” picked up on this message of hope and was a call for us to build cooperation in the sector and a vision of working together with older people to make a difference in their lives and the lives of those around them.

Global recession and financial crisis has shaped the previous two years and continued to cast social and economic shadows into the future. These come together with the longer term issues of responding to increasing ageing population, cultural change, technological development and the pressures on social services and health systems. But working together we can build on the
exciting developments and creative, compassionate new initiatives as well as long traditions of caring, supporting and transforming communities to build better lives for older people.


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