There was a truly awe inspiring response by Catholic and Anglican parishes to welcome and support our new Syrian refugee families when they arrived in Wellington last month.

A wealth of people stepped up to give their time and resources to support Wellington’s newest families and this heartfelt response was overwhelming.

Lesley Hooper, Catholic Social Services, reported that over 70 Catholic and Anglican parishes and other organisations, including the New Zealand Islamic centre, delivered over 2,000 household items and 24 pantry packs to the Anglican Cathedral’s Loaves and Fishes hall in Wellington

The Anglican Bishop of Wellington Justin Duckworth said

generosity extended well beyond the church.  He said he had hear stories of people going into shops looking for items like rice cookers and shops selling the items at cost when hearing about who they were for. It’s not just the churches and the Islamic centre – it’s actually everyday New Zealanders and small businesses saying we want to get behind and say refugees, you are welcome.”

Humanity was given an opportunity to shine in response to a human tragedy on the other side of the world, and Church communities, community groups and individual businesses all stood up and shone.

Absolutely Positively Wellington!