Using music videos to share the results of research is one of the creative ways being used in a study into experiences and expectations of Pacific older adults at the end of life. Pacific communities have raised concerns about differences between the care and support preferred by Pacific older adults and their families compared to what is provided by palliative care services. The research is funded as part of the Ageing Well Science Challenge and researcher Dr Ofa Dewes from the University of Auckland aims to address the inequalities in health and wellness for Pacific people in the area of palliative care.

Pacific musicians The Valient Boys teamed up with the people in the research project to create the video. They believe such a video is a better way to communicate the research themes identified from the focus group. Those themes included the significance of spirituality, pitching in to help carers and the need for young people to step up. They want the research to be shared widely in the community, used in nursing training at Auckland University and are also keen for it to be used by others.  The videos are online on the Te Arai Research Group website and it includes both the music video and an explanatory video with commentary to help offer some insight into the needs of Pacific family carers.