Budget 2021: Summary of key finding allocations

[Source: Wellbeing Budget 2021: Securing Our Recovery] https://www.treasury.govt.nz/sites/default/files/2021-05/b21-wellbeing-budget.pdf]

Vote Oranga Tamariki

NZCCSS workforce

Voting to address pay gap between Oranga Tamariki Social Workers and NGO community Social Workers
Operating Total – 16.530
2021/2022 – 8.500

2022/23 – 8.030

Vote Oranga Tamariki

Improving Financial Assistance for Caregivers (p90)

This funding addresses disparities in ‘standardised payments’ between caregivers receiving Orphan Benefit or the Unsupported Child’s Benefit and those receiving Foster Care Allowance. It increases the base rate of the OB by $30 per week for children aged 0-4 years and $10 per week for children aged 5 years and over.

Operational Total (OT) – 1.616
Operational Total (Social Development) – 55.537 2021/22-0.151 OT
2022/23-0.488 OT
2023/24-0489 OT
2024/25-0.488 OT

2021/22- 4.151 (SD) 2022/23- 16.277 (SD) 2023/24- 17.130 (SD) 2024/25- 17.979 (SD)

Vote Oranga Tamariki

Preventing Family Violence and Sexual Violence: Working with Communities and Whanau to Support Parents and Reduce Risk
This provides funding for Strategies for Kids; information for Parents (SKIP) – community prevention programme. Under this allocation is an “increase to the Local Initiative Fund, which develop accessible tools and guidance, and deliver training in the community.“ The initiative will contribute to improved outcomes for tamariki Maori and reduced inequalities for whanau Maori and Pacific peoples.

Operational Total 8.00


2022/23-1.808 2023/24-2.402 2024/25-2.648

Vote Oranga Tamariki

Supporting Partners and Enhancing the Wellbeing of Tamariki and Whānau in Greatest Need

Funding for Oranga Tamariki to enable Maori partners to lead a shift in the way that Government supports tamariki and whanau with the greatest need…. The funding includes specific funding for partners to build capacity and develop solutions.
Operating Total – 23.426

2021/22 – 23.426

Vote Health – older people

Establish an Aged Care Commissioner
The establishment of a dedicated Aged Care Commissioner to provide a focal point for monitoring and addressing quality and safety issues in the aged care sector, leadership to the aged care sector in prioritising and drive systemic quality improvement. Also, lifts resources to HealthCERT to handle complaints.
Operating Total -8.110
2021/22 – 1.150
2022/23 -2.320
2023/24 -2.320
2024/25 -2.320

Health Vote

Assisted Dying Services/End of Life Choice Act 2019 Implementation

Operating Total – 2021/22 – 11.860

Vote Health – Support workers

In-Between Travel Settlement – implementation

Funding to deliver the proposals outlined in the In Between Travel Settlement for home and community support workers. This funding will ensure support workers are paid their ‘ordinary wage rate’ while travelling between clients and receive paid rest breaks.
Operating Total -81.822

2021/22 -23.067 2022/23 -19.858 2023/24-19.858 2024/25-19.858

Vote Health – DHB’s Cost and Volume Pressures

This funding supports DHBs to deliver health services in the face of inflation, and other cost and value pressures.
Operating Total – 2700.000
2021/22 -675.00

2022/23-675.00 2023/24-675.00 2024/25-675.00

Vote Health Healthy Homes Initiatives – Expand Reach and Impact

This funding expands the reach and impact of the HHI which supports low-income whanau to live in warm, dry and healthy homes. The HHI funding expand to 9 other DHB regions, and increase the “current per whanau funding”.
Operating Total – 30.000

2021/22 -3.000 2022/23-9.000 2023/24-9.000 2024/25-9.000

Vote Health – Mana Ake – Stronger Tomorrow

This funding enables the continuation of the Mana Ake initiative to make mental health support available to all primary and intermediate school-age students in Canterbury and Kaikoura, and supports ‘co-design’ mental health wellbeing support to primary and intermediate schools in five new DHB areas (Northland, Counties Manukau, Bay of Plenty and the West Coast).

Operating Total -2.00 2021/22 -12.000 (Health) Health- 10.000 Education – 2.000

Vote Police – Preventing Family Violence and Sexual Violence: Sustaining and Developing Existing Safety Responses with Communities.
This funding ensures that multi-agency safety responses will continue to operate after 30 June 2021

75.420 (Police) Operating Total 5.865 (Health) Operational Total 2021/22 -18.862 (P)
2022/23- 18.905 (P)

2023/24 -18.805 (P) 2024/25 -18.848 (P) 2021/22 -0.858 (H) 2022/23- 1.669 (H) 2023/24 – 1.669 (H) 2024/25 – 1.669 (H)

Vote Prime Minister and Cabinet

Government Implementation Unit
Funding of a Government Implementation Unit that will ensure selected high priority programmes and projects are on track. The Unit will be established for two years.

PMC & Finance Operating Total – 3.590 (PMC) and 0.718 (Finance) 2021/22 -1.795 (PM)
2022/23 – 1.795 (PM)
2021/22 – 0.359 (Finance)

2022/23 – 0.359 (Finance)

Vote Revenue

Ensuring the tax system is operating Fairly
This initiative will collect information on the level of tax paid by high-wealth individuals and their related entities. This information will be used to develop basic research to understand the overall distribution of income and wealth.
Operating Total – 5.000
2021/22 -2.470
2022/23 -2.530

Vote Social Development

Continued Funding for KickStart Breakfast for School Children to Support Families in Need (p95)
Operating Total – 5.064
2021/22 -1.266

2022/23- 1.266 2023/24 – 1.266 2024/25 -1.266

Vote Social Development

Implementation of the Better Later Life Strategy for Seniors

Continuation Better Later Life Strategy. Note key areas: digital inclusion, housing and employment.

Operating Total -1.964 2021/22 -0.494 2022/23 -0.490 2023/24 -0.490 2024/25-0.490

Vote Social Development

Improving the Subsequent Work Capacity Medical Certificate Process for Job Seeker Support – Health Condition and Disability
The initiative provides for changes to the medical certificate process for entitlement to Jobseeker Support – Health Conditions and Disability, as well as an extended deferral of the current medical certificates process to 31 January 2022. Review periods will be based on a health practitioner’s recommendation to improve discretion and the client experience.

Operating Total – 85.000 2021/22 -31.431 2022/23 -18.460 2023/24 -17.420 2024/25-17.689

Main Benefit increases – see other section.

Vote Social Development

Prevention Family Violence and Sexual Violence: Extending Early Wrap-around Support to Help People Stop Using Violence (p99)
The Joint Venture initiative aims to improve the effectiveness of Police Safety Orders as a family violence intervention tool by providing access to 24/7 accommodation and wrap-around support services for people using violence.

Operating Total -12.219 2021/22 -2.598 2022/23 – 3.207 2023/24-3.207 2024/25-3.207

Vote Social Development

Reinstating the Training Incentive Allowance for Level 4 to 7 on the NZ Qualification Framework.
This will provide four years of funding to support around 16,000 sole parents, disabled people and carers receiving an eligible benefit with study costs when studying at levels 4 to 7 on the NZQA framework

Operating Total – across Social Development, Revenue, Tertiary Education

Operating Total – 127.045 (SD)
2021/22 -34.552
2022/23 -38.137
2023/24 -38.232

Operating Total -15.682 (Revenue IRD Crown)
2021/22 -9.109
2022/23 -4.507
2023/24 -1.715

Operating Total -10.378 (Tertiary Education)
2023/24 – 5.517
2024/25 -4.861

Vote Social Development

Supporting the Children’s Commissioner to Make Changes Associated with the Independent Children’s Monitor.
This fund supports the Office of the Children’s Commissioner to assist the OCC to develop and implement a transition plan that will enable the full establishment of the new Independent Children’s Monitor. This will ensure that the OT system continues to be effectively monitored prior to the commencement of the new monitoring regime, thereby reducing the risk to children within the system.

Operating Total -1.200
2021/22 -1.200
2022/23 –

Vote Housing and Urban Development

First Home Products
This funding supports first time buyers into home ownership by lifting the income cap to $95,000 for single buyers and $150,000 for two or more buyers. It also raises the house cap for new and existing properties in areas where the First Home Grant and First Home Loan Products were becoming out of reach for first home buyers.

Operating Total – 49,200 2021/22 -12.300 2022/23 -12.300 2023/24 -12.300

2024/25- 12.300

Vote Housing and Urban Development

Housing Acceleration Fund

This fund will increase the pace and scale of new housing supply through supporting the provision of infrastructure and housing, and expanding the Land for Housing Programme. This will include increasing affordable homes, whether for rent or home ownership, ad will focus on locations with high housing need, including Kāinga Ora large-scale projects.

Operating Total – 2118.000 (Capital total -1682.000) 2021/22 – 354.000
2022/23 -608.000
2023/24 -585.500


Vote Housing and Urban Development

Kāinga Ora Land Acquisition Fund

This funding will support KO to borrow so as to purchase land, meet holding costs, and allow for development risks. The total initiative is for $46 million in operating funding per annum over 20 years.

Operating Total -184.000

2021/22 – 46.000 2022/23 – 46.000 2023/24 – 46.000 2024/25- 46.000

Vote Housing and Urban Development

Kāinga Ora Sustainable Funding

This funding supports the work of KO to carry out its core urban development.

Operating Total – 133.130 2021/22 -62.540
2022/23 -70.590

Vote Housing and Urban Development

Land for Housing – Professional Services Costs

This funding supports the purchase of specialist services required procure the acquisition of land for Kāinga Ora Land Acquisition (above).

Operating Total
2021/22 – 12.00

2022/23 – 4.000 2023/24 – 4.00 2024/25- 4.000

Vote Housing and Urban Development

Whai Kāinga Whai Oranga
Funding to deliver new housing and repairs to existing stock for Maori across New Zealand. Operating Total – 241.400 [HUD] 2021/22 -56.850

2022/23 -54.850 2023/24 -64.850 2024/25-64.850

Operating Total -138.600 [Maori Development] 2021/22 -70.039
2022/23 -33.265
2023/24 -21.708


Vote Housing and Urban Development

Short-term Housing and Support Services – Extension
This funding extends key programmes that support those experiencing chronic homelessness or those at increased risk of homelessness, including Housing First, Rapid Rehousing and Sustaining Tenancies.

Operating Total – 198.685
2021/22 – 54.655
2022/23 – 44.900
2023/24 – 49.200

Social Unemployment Insurance

No allocation of funding.
The Government, Business NZ and NZ Council of Trade Unions have committed to jointly designing a Social Unemployment Insurance Scheme that would support workers who lose their jobs (like a ACC). “Over the next coming months the Social Insurance Tripartite Working Group will be consulting stakeholders on what the right settings could be. There will be wider public consultation later 2021”.

  • $380 million delivering about 1000 new homes for Māori including papakāinga housing, repairs to about 700 Māori-owned homes and expanding support services.
  • $242.8m for Māori health initiatives, including setting up the new Māori Health Authority.
  • $150m in Māori Education to support Māori boarding schools and lift kōhanga reo teachers’ pay.
  • $42m to build a sustainable Māori media sector and invest in programme content.
  • $15m for Māori tourism.
  • $14.8m for the implementation of the Māori language strategy.

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Funding specific to Māori

”$1.1b for improving Māori outcomes with a focus on housing and health, including nearly a quarter of a billion dollars for health initiatives such as setting up the new Māori Health Authority”.