Impacts of poverty & exclusion policy group

NZCCSS is committed to documenting the hardship suffered by many low income families in New Zealand, and to create informed public debate on related policy issues.

NZCCSS is committed to giving priority to the poor and vulnerable members of our society. We continue to work for the alleviation of poverty & exclusion.

Secure and affordable housing plays a vital role in protecting low income people from poverty, and provides the stability required for good health and strong community life.

The Council focuses on poverty & exclusion by:

  • Documenting the hardship suffered by many low-income families
  • Monitoring the impact of government housing policies on low income families
  • Advocating for policies that will immediately reduce poverty with long-term effect
  • Developing and advocating policies that will ensure appropriate and affordable housing for all New Zealanders
  • Providing members with timely and relevant information on poverty & exclusion.

Read more about our work on inequality, poverty and housing.

Impacts of Poverty and Exclusion Policy Group members

Sister Margaret Martin (Convener)

Organisation: Sisters of Mercy Wiri

City: Auckland

Lisa Woolley

Organisation: VisionWest

City: Auckland

Jan Rutledge

Organisation: De Paul House

City: Auckland

Mike Tonks

Organisation: Dunedin Catholic Social Services

City: Dunedin

Carol Barron

Organisation: Methodist Alliance

City: Christchurch