Children & families policy group

Christian social services have evolved to meet the needs of an increasing number of children and families in New Zealand who have come under stress.

Out of concern for children and families – particularly for those who are most vulnerable – NZCCSS has continued to work for policies and practices that improve the safety and quality of life of children and families.

The Council focuses on children and families by:

  • Advocating for policies that improve the situation for those at-risk.
  • Advocating for government to provide clear processes and adequate resources so that a full range of child and family services are delivered appropriately.
  • Providing timely and relevant information to members about child and family issues.

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Child & Family Policy Group members

Sue van Deurs

Organisation: Christchurch Methodist Mission

City: Christchurch

Pam Waugh

Organisation: Salvation Army

City: Wellington

Graham Munford

Organisation: Anglican & Catholic Community Social Services

City: Palmerston North

Diane Garret (Convener)

Organisation: Presbyterian Support NZ

City: Wellington

Prue Kapua

Organisation: Māori Women's Welfare League

City: Wellington

Teresa Thorp

Organisation: Caritas

City: Wellington

Fred Astle

Organisation: VisionWest

City: Auckland

Judy Matai’a

Organisation: Anglican Trust for Women and Children

City: Auckland