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Publication NameFile DateFile Size
Final Submission - A Common Approach To Understanding Family Violence Risk Assessment And Management Docx 1October 5, 2016576.1 KiB
NZCCSS Comment Health Older People Strat Sept 2016October 5, 2016911.5 KiB
Valuing Lives 26 August 2016 (2)August 31, 20164.5 MiB
Social Security Rewrite Bill - Analysis For Web (2)August 29, 201645.8 KiB
Welfare Research-Results Brief-Alicia SuddenAugust 29, 20164.8 MiB
Expert Panel Final Report - NZCCSS Summary May 2016August 29, 201638.6 KiB
NZCCSS Submission Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill June 2016August 29, 2016853.5 KiB
NZCCSS SubmissionShop Trading Hours Amendment Bill Jan 2016 V2August 29, 2016855.0 KiB