I Too Am Auckland

Hats off to Wallace Chapman, Radio New Zealand, for his piece on everyday racism experienced at Auckland University. “I Too am Auckland” absolutely catches your breath on the normality of the subtle, and often unquestioned, racist comments endured by the students interviewed. The elephant in the room that is the quiet and insidious nature of ethnocentricity must be addressed if we truly want  New…

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Mixed Fortunes for the Regions

A new report from the Salvation Army’s Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit  Mixed Fortunes: A Geography of Advantages and Disadvantages in New Zealand has caused quite a stir this week. The premise of the report is that where you live matters and if you live in certain regions expect mixed fortunes.  As always this SPPU report is well researched and clearly…

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Journeying to social justice

Our journey to social justice starts from many routes. For Murray Riches, he was so affected by the imprisonment of his 10 year old foster brother that he has dedicated his life to understanding ‘why’ it happened.As Murray puts it “I have clear memories of how my foster-brother’s self was diminished by this, and our family became voiceless…

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The Inequality Tower

“But I do know that when you come across something really wrong in life, you have two choices. Ignore it and walk away or get help and start fixing it.” Cartoonist Toby Morris has turned the NZ inequality story into cartoon with this stylish representation of the Inequality Tower in the TheWireless website. His is…

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